One People, One Planet, HON!

"Light" the Woodstock Bus

Oil based enamel paint on a 1963 VW Kombi Bus, painted in 1968

“Light” Woodstock 1969 VW Bus model by Sunstar Toys 2009

One-Twelfth Scale Model Created by Sunstar, 2009, 14”x6”x6”

The most famous of Hieronimus’s artcars is officially known as “Light,” but is more popularly known simply as “the Woodstock Bus.” It was painted during the same prolific period of 1968 in between the “Apocalypse” mural and the rock and roll album cover designs. Painted cars were just catching on with the counter culture, and Hieronimus filled several commissions for other people who wanted to drive around in what he called “moving billboards of symbolic instruction.” “Light” the Woodstock Bus was commissioned by Bob Grimm, a member of the Baltimore band, “Light,” who had just signed a national recording contract with CBS Records. Grimm remembers asking Hieronimus to “paint him a magic bus” to transport them to their gigs. Two other members of “Light” drove it up to the Woodstock festival with Grimm the following year, and although Hieronimus decided at the last minute not to go, he was pleased to discover much later that his painting had caught the attention of several photographers in attendance, including ones from the Associated Press, Rolling Stone magazine and Life magazine. In the decades since, these popular photos have been reprinted in hundreds of Woodstock retrospective articles, CD compilations, and other promotional pieces about Woodstock, until it has become known as “the Woodstock Bus.”

In 2009, Sunstar Diecast issued a limited edition, highly detailed reproduction of the Woodstock Bus for the collector’s market, in honor of the 40th anniversary of the Aquarian Exposition. ( Collectors can recall the Woodstock atmosphere and concentrate on those extraordinary few days of peaceful cooperative existence with this fully functional one-twelfth-scale model, complete with many moving parts.

The overall message from the symbols on this bus is that We Are One People On One Planet. As we enter the Age of Aquarius, humanity will once again become conscious of the builders and hierarchies of the universe by aligning themselves with the divine plan through cosmic vibration. This is particularly seen on the front of the bus where a galaxy of stars, or the Milky Way, is depicted as the symbolic birthplace of life in the universe. Below the Milky Way is a pair of wings (spirit) surmounting a circled cross, related to the four builders of the universe: air, earth, fire and water. Below this is the serpent biting its tail (Orobouros=eternity) within which are eight circles containing seven celestial bodies: Sun (higher or spiritual self); Saturn (karma); Jupiter (expansion of consciousness); Venus (harmony); Mars (activity); Mercury (mind); and Moon (personality). The central circle is the heart (the cohesive force of the universe, Love). A hand holding an Egyptian sistrum (cosmic vibration) emanates from the left side of Orobouros. On the right, Piscis Australis swallows cosmic vibrations pouring from an unseen urn on the roof of the vehicle. The urn belongs to Aquarius, the “water carrier,” the sign that precedes Pisces. The dissemination of spiritual teachings (waters from Aquarius) given to the multitudes (fish) assures regeneration or a rebirth of soul consciousness. Below the Orobouros is a UFO, representing extraterrestrials, inner-terrestrials, inner-dimensionals and spiritual hierarchies of the universe. On the red bumper in gold letters are the words “Christ in You,” “Voice of Silence,” and “Ra Om,” a mantra used by ancient traditions to achieve these states of cosmic consciousness.

The driver’s side of the Woodstock Bus is dominated by an eagle, symbolic of the USA, which was established as a center of light (wisdom), and regenerates the planet through its past connections to the ancient Egyptian mystery schools. The Eagle side reveals that America was destined to lay the foundations that we are all Earth People, freeing humanity to serve the divine plan.

The passenger side is dominated by the Sphinx, symbolic of the mystery schools of the ancients (Egyptian, Indian, Judaic) that taught the science of spirituality. Humanity can transform its physical consciousness into spiritual awareness, allowing humans to learn who they are, why they are here, and their purpose on planet earth. The Sphinx is spiritual conscious control (human head) over animal instincts (animal body). The trident in a circle on its rear flank suggests this Egyptian Sphinx has its origin in the Atlantean mystery tradition. The Sphinx side reveals the various influences that have supported America in attaining the goal of One People, One Planet.

The rear of the bus tells of the importance of balancing energies of the feminine and masculine. At the bottom left is fire, related to the masculine, outgoing, electric energy, the power of the gods, the color of gold and the sun. The right side shows waves of water linked to the feminine magnetic force, which gives birth, protects, and is linked to the power of the goddess and the color of silver and the moon.

The roof of the bus depicts a series of symbols that make up the heaven worlds, which also illustrate the importance of balance of both masculine and feminine energies. When humankind balances its energies and activates all its energy centers using both prayer and meditation, resulting in service to others, it enters the heaven worlds.

Combining all five sides of the bus results in a very simplified symbolic message that there are advanced beings in the universe in various dimensions that are assisting planet Earth’s evolution toward cosmic consciousness. Or as somebody at Woodstock painted on a fence: We Are One.