One People, One Planet, HON!


1971, record album cover, colored pencil and pen and ink, 22½” x 38”

In some ways, “Akasha” is the culmination of Hieronimus’s series of instructive, esoteric, symbolic paintings from the late 1960s and early 1970s. Commissioned by his musician friend Bob Grimm for his album of the same name, this design features many of the same elements in previous works, but this time the purposes of the Beings are more certain and further along in their development.

The concept of akasha is used in several Eastern traditions to describe the spiritual essence that pervades the universe, or that interconnecting “something” often compared to the ether. According to Helena Blavatsky, however, this primordial substance “is to Ether what Spirit is to Matter.” In other words, it is the “Universal Space in which lies inherent the eternal Ideation of the Universe.”

“Akasha” represents the magnum opus for Grimm, and with music and lyrics just as deep and resonant as the themes in Hieronimus’s artwork, the two were a perfect match. The album is light years ahead of its time, and has recently been remastered and made available on CD at Hieronimus believes that sound is the translated symbol of Logos – or “Speech” in its mystic sense, as Blavatsky called it -- and that the music on this album is both healing and transformative.

To depict this he started in the top right corner with the figure of Aquarius pouring its altruistic energies onto the top of the Great Pyramid where a ritual is being performed. At the bottom of the pyramid is a door with the word "Akasha" written above it. On the door is a cross with a rose in the center, the symbol of the Rosicrucians, a secret society focused on healing. Two angelic Beings from the Mystery School of Initiation, one yellow (the mind) and one pink (the heart) are holding a scroll and inscribing upon it the message “Man Know Thyself. Presume not God to Scan. The Proper Study of Mankind is Man.” In other words, look within to find the God self. Over them hovers the white capstone bearing eyes to show the all-seeing capability of the God within. The Great Pyramid or temple below is colored in rainbows, a symbol of the higher mental plane and a bridge between the higher and lower natures (heaven and earth). The rainbow as the bridge of heaven is also seen in several other places, flowing out of the pyramid, surrounding the eyes in the triangle, and in the wings of Pegasus.

From this ritual emanate four horses dominating the left side of the painting, which was used as the back of the album cover. The higher symbolic aspect of the horse is the intellect, and the winged-horse, or Pegasus, symbolizes the soaring power of natural forces, or the innate capacity for spiritualization. The three riders are each holding a flag and represent the evolution of consciousness manifesting in various nations. The top yellow figure on a purple horse carries the flag of Great Britain and is looking back toward their flag and the capstone above the pyramid temple. Below Great Britain is a green Being holding the American flag riding upon a violet horse. In America’s right hand is held an ankh, symbolizing life. Even though America’s horse is in front and just behind Pegasus, the Russian flag of the third Being is out in front indicating that Russia is advancing rapidly. Russia is a pink Being riding a yellow horse.

All five Beings in this piece have swirling energy fields in and around their neck and head regions. These energy fields are activated chakras, which correspond to various spiritual powers. The recording angels at the pyramid have activated chakras at the rear of their heads (the 6th chakra), as does Great Britain. Russia’s chakra is at its throat (5th chakra), while America’s chakra is at the top of its forehead (7th chakra). Above Pegasus’s head is a swirling galaxy indicating Pegasus is a higher dimensional Being which inverts all evil into good.

The “Akasha” album cover story says that although America is presently at the forefront in our movement toward one people, one planet, Russia is in the process of great growth. In the future generations, Russia may take America’s place. Great Britain was also once at the forefront, but is now looking backward and focused on its past. Over the millennia each continent and nation makes major contributions to planetary consciousness, but in the distant future of the Aquarian age, we will view ourselves as One People on One Planet, or world citizens.