One People, One Planet, HON!

William Donald Schaefer for Governor

1986, poster, pen and ink and collage, 18¾” x 287/8”

After a decade and a half serving as Mayor of Baltimore, William Donald Schaefer had proved himself to be just what Hieronimus predicted in his posters for the 1971 mayoral bid. With the Scorpio Schaefer at the helm, Baltimore went through a much-needed renaissance, with resurrections not only in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, but also in the arts community. Schaefer put Baltimore in the national spotlight by earning the slogan “All American City.” When Hieronimus was asked in 1986 by the Committee to Elect Schaefer as Governor of Maryland to design a campaign poster, he was happy to oblige.

At the center of the design is William Donald Schaefer leading the Maryland Ship of State. He is wearing the garb and striking the pose of his fellow Freemason George Washington crossing the Delaware. This ship of state is sailing upon the Maryland flag. Below Schaefer we see the Seal of Baltimore, and throughout the boat are the seals of all the counties of Maryland arranged in the shape of a pyramid. Behind Schaefer is the image from America’s Great Seal showing the eye in the triangle over an unfinished pyramid. There are many levels of interpreting this misunderstood symbol, but it is used here to depict the relationship between the spiritual dimension (eye in the triangle) and the material world (pyramid). The pyramid (the temple of initiation) is completed by the eye in the triangle (capstone). This symbol can be related to the human being with the pyramid symbolizing the physical body, and the eye in the triangle symbolizing the immortal component or soul. Uniting the unconsciousness (pyramid) with the superconsciousness (eye in triangle) produces a self-realized, transcendent being. For more information on the many layers of understanding this symbol, see two books by Robert R. Hieronimus, Ph.D: Founding Fathers, Secret Societies (1989/2006) and United Symbolism of America (2008).

Standing behind Schaefer is Mickey Steinberg who ran for Lt. Governor on the ticket with him. Steinberg is holding a pennant reading “Let’s Make Maryland America’s Best.” As above, so below; As within, so without. What Schaefer has accomplished for Baltimore will be repeated for the State of Maryland.

Above the pennant is the planet Jupiter, symbolic of beneficence and great success. Directly in front of Schaefer’s boat is a low flying UFO, a symbol for intelligence from other dimensions. High above it is another craft popping into our physical dimension. In the top left corner is a comet (symbolic of change) heading toward the moon, indicating a change in leadership for the State of Maryland. In the far right corner is depicted another universe (dimension) from which the comet was launched.

William Donald Schaefer is the most successful Maryland politician in recent memory. After two memorable terms as Governor he served two more as the State Comptroller concluding over 50 years of public service.