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Detail from Tiananmen Square Demonstration Wall Sculpture by Weiming Chen.

Bob and Gang Liu and the sculpture showing the Goddess of Democracy “Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death” sculpted by Weiming Chen.

Shock – Footprint of Tank by Yan Yunkun.

The Berlin Wall Tear Down This Wall artwork by Weiming Chen.

Bird’s Nest In the Style of Cubism with the artist Zhang Hongtu and Dr. Bob.

Bob shows German Head of Cultural Dept, Dr. Thietmar Bachmann, his art work.

Elisa Guo, organizer of the exhibit.

Dr. Bob at the podium.

Sculptor Weiming Chen at the podium.

Bob shows his work to Tenzin Dorjee of the Students for a Free Tibet.

Gang Liu at Podium in front of his portrait.

Bob interviewed on camera for Chinese TV.

Art work - the Green Dam - Internet Censoship is the new wall around China.

Group shot in front of bronze wall sculpture.

Congressperson Carolyn Maloney.

Rep. Maloney meets Gang Liu.

Rep. Maloney and Gang Liu.

Rep. Maloney and Bob.

Elisa Guo showing the sculpture of her friend Nancy Pelosi in "The House Speaker Spoke Out" sculpture by Weiming Chen to Rep. Maloney.

Rep. Maloney and the group posing in front of "The House Speaker Spoke Out" sculpture by Weiming Chen.

Rep Maloney and group with Aldon James, director of the National Arts Club in front of Tiananmen Square Demonstration sculpture.

Sign to the exhibit.

Rep. Maloney and Dr. Bob.