Dr. Bob's Woodstock Bus used to promote Jane Pauley special "Boomers 2.0" in the AARP Bulletin

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The Jan-Feb 2013 issue of The AARP Bulletin printed a photo of a young couple sitting on top of a VW van painted with esoteric symbols to illustrate a new documentary about “Boomers”. This photo is from the Associated Press coverage of Woodstock in 1969, and today the girl on top of the bus, and the artist who created this iconic “Woodstock Bus” are both AARP members.  Ricky Peters, the bare-footed young man on the left, sadly passed away a few years ago.

But Trudy Morgal, the Janis Joplin-sounding singer holding the umbrella on the right, and Bob Hieronimus, the artist known for his occult symbolic murals and artcars throughout Maryland, are both thriving in North Beach and Baltimore County respectively.

In 1969, Trudy was lead singer for a rising group called “Light”. Their lead guitarist was Bob Grimm, who later became one of The Four Seasons. In 1969, Bob Grimm commissioned his friend Bob Hieronimus to paint the band’s VW bus for hauling their gear to events.

Unlike the Merry Pranksters’ famous painted bus named “Furthur”, Hieronimus’ “Light” bus is a highly accurate rendition of secret wisdom teachings from ancient civilizations. The ourobourous and sistrum, surround the fishes of Pisces and the winged cross just on the front of the bus that you can see in this photo. The sides of the bus include alphabets from Atlantis, messages from the Sphinx, and symbols from the Kabbalah. 

This particular snapshot of this bus became so popular that it became instantly recognizable as “that Woodstock bus”. In 2009 in honor of the 40th anniversary of Woodstock, the diecast company Sunstar created a collectible model of Hieronimus’ so-called “Woodstock Bus”. Packaged carefully with a highly detailed booklet explaining the teaching tools behind the deeply layered symbolism all over the bus, the 14-inch quality “Light” replica comes with all the extras a collector could love including detachable musicians’ gear, working handles and doors, and moving wheels. See attached booklet.  (www.WoodstockBus.com)

Today Trudy Morgal is still rock and rolling and knocking them out with her powerful voice.

Bob Hieronimus has a Ph.D. in humanistic psychology analyzing the symbols in the reverse of the Great Seal of the United States, and is seen frequently on television documentaries on esoteric interpretations of the founding fathers and dollar bill in regular rotation at the History, Discovery, and Nat Geo channels. He hosts America’s longest running paranormal radio show on WCBM, 680 AM in Baltimore, 21st Century Radio®, continuing to explore the true meanings of the 1960s’ revolution in consciousness. (www.21stCenturyRadio.com)

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