Experience Hendrix 2010 at the Hippodrome in Baltimore

Photos by Stuart Zolotorow and Hieronimus & Co.

Side of an equipment case backstage before the November 11, 2010 Experience Hendrix concert in Baltimore revisiting the music and inspiration of Jimi Hendrix with an all-star line up.


Stuart Zolotorow photographing Janie Hendrix and Dr. Bob in front of the Little Help From Our Friends mural in South East Baltimore.


Dr. Bob and Janie visit the mural for Hampden's two Congressional Medal of Honor recipients: Lt. Ricketts (U.S.Navy) and Pvt. Sheridan (U.S.Army).


Dr. Bob Hieronimus and Janie Hendrix (sister of Jimi Hendrix) in front of the We The People Biodiesel Artcar outside the Hippodrome before the concert.


Dr. Bob Hieronimus in front of the Experience Hendrix tourbus in front of the Hippodrome in Baltimore, Maryland.


Brad Whitford (of Aerosmith) in front of the tourbus. He played extended dates with the Experience Hendrix tour.


Chris Layton (drummer for Double Trouble) checking out the We The People artcar.


The Experience Hendrix tour bus and We The People artcar outside of the Hippodrome before the concert.


Dr. Bob and Billy Cox, who first met Jimi Hendrix in the U.S. Army in the 1960's, and re-united musically with Jimi in 1969, when Hendrix called on Cox to play bass in the Band of Gypsys.


Dr. Bob and Billy Cox hanging outside by We The People artcar before the show.


Dr. Bob charms Billy Cox's wife Brenda who's always got Billy's back!


Dr. Bob and Dori Armor, Sr. Director of Booking the Hippodrome Theatre.


Bassist Doug Wimbish (of Living Colour and Jungle Funk) with Dr. Bob sharing their appreciation for the Negro League Baseball.


Stuart Zolotorow checking out the guitars backstage.


Dr. Bob holds the setlist for the Baltimore performance of Experieince Hendrix backstage before the show.


Ernie Isley & Billy Cox onstage at the Hippodrome in Baltimore.


Dr. Bob Hieronimus watching from the side of the stage.


Johnny Lang and the Experience Hendrix band.


Noah Hunt and Kenny Wayne Shepherd onstage at Experience Hendrix.


The crowded atrium of the Hippodrome at the Experience Hendrix show.