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Memoriam for Sir George Martin
by Dr. Bob Hieronimus

Dr. Bob Hieronimus presenting a Beatles wristwatch to Sir George Martin in 2000

Sir George Martin, Beatles producer, passed away in early March of 2016. On March 20, we produced a two hour radio special made up of clips from the numerous times he had joined us as a guest on 21st Century Radio. (Click here to listen to that show.) In fact, we did six exclusive interviews with him starting in 1995 up to 2007, in what must have been one of the last radio interviews he granted, as his hearing was severely impaired by that time. He granted us access most other media could not get, and even ABC radio contacted us at one point to use our tapes because they needed a quote from him and couldn't get it. We talked about the Cirque du Soleil's LOVE production, the Beatles Anthology, the Yellow Submarine, Genetically Modified Foods, global warming and the destruction of Montserrat, as well as ghosts, UFOs and ESP.

Much has been written about what made this musical innovator so special, not least of which were his legendary kindness and professionalism. And to us of course, he was special because he was the Musical Director of the Yellow Submarine film. But our relationship went far beyond that. Soon after Zoh and I first met Sir George and his wife, Lady Judy Martin, we discovered we shared many similar interests, and we spent many hours deep in conversation, mostly about the environmental concerns we shared and other social justice causes. We visited them in London several times, and they invited us to tea once in Washington, DC when they were on a lecture tour of the United States.

He wrote the introduction to my book, Inside the Yellow Submarine (click here to order), adding just the kind of class and authority that my work needed to get published. He and I bonded over a mutual appreciation for the artistic crew on that film, and defending them from the attempted rewrite of history by the American television producer Al Brodax.

We really enjoyed our conversations together and will always be grateful for his guidance. We will miss him very much.

Here are a few of the photos and letters we have saved over the years of our friendship.

March 11, 2016

Letter of condolences to Lady Judy from Hieronimus & Co.

November 12, 1995

Baltimore's Contribution to the ABC's Beatles Anthology

"TV 'Anthology' Presents New Beatles Recording," Baltimore Sun.

September 15, 1997

"Music and Money still needed for Montserrat"

Hieronimus and Company ad in "Music for Montserrat" program

Montserrat Collectibles

T-Shirt Front

T-Shirt Back


Program Cover


Sir George receiving a Beatles Yellow Submarine watch

Sir George, Lady Judy and Zoh discuss the needs of Montserrat

Zohara responding to Montserrat's needs with a check to Sir George and Lady Judy

Sir George with our daughter Anna

February 24, 1998

Beatlefan Magazine Ad: Music for Montserrat... And the World Earth Changes Survival Education Fundraiser Sale

Zoh Hieronimus at a live radio broadcast from Baltimore's Hard Rock Cafe Benefit

October 14, 1998

Notice in Beatlefan/Extra! that Apple will film at Yellow Submarine reunion

Zoh, live from London and the BBC...

Zoh at the BBC mic

Zohara with Erich Segal, author of Yellow Submarine's final screenplay, and the novel and motion picture Love Story


Sir George's inscription to his new book With a Little Help From My Friends to our family

March 26, 1999

The fifth Beatle, Sir George Martin, talks about UFOs, ETs, Ghosts, GMO's, Weather Changes, etc.

August 9, 1999

Letter from Sir George Martin saying he has read the manuscript for Inside the Yellow Submarine and will write the introduction to it. Soon after, I received his introduction text.

Sir George Martin's Introduction to Inside the Yellow Submarine

August 30, 1999

"Liverpool to Host Huge Summer Yellow Submarine Festival" from the Yellow Submarine Press Office. Apple invited my family to attend.

A Yellow Submarine VIP Pass allowing us to go everywhere we wanted

We had a great time sharing New Yellow Submarine Ballcaps, T-Shirts, Trading Cards, Ties, etc. with Sir George and Lady Judy

We also enjoyed reintroducing Sir George Martin and the film's art director, Heinz Edelmann, and photographing the moment they found each other again at the VIP Party. Photo by Bob Hieronimus.


Spent some time visiting Sir George and Lady Judy at their Washington DC hotel discussing earth changes, organic food, and Monsanto's ugly history of poisoning our planet; and, of course exchanging gifts with our tea and "crumpets."

January 1, 2001

Lady Judy sent us a photo of Sir George at a local charity fundraiser, sporting the Beatles Vest we sent to him.

August 13, 2001

Both Lady Judy and Sir George gave me some very good advice and encouragement in my negotiations with Apple concerning my book "Inside the Yellow Submarine," and thanked us for purchasing a lithograph to support Montserrat.

March 4, 2002

In this letter to us, Sir George writes that Inside the Yellow Submarine is not only "remarkable," but "an amazing essay on the development of a cultural icon, and makes a fascinating story." He also writes that he is optimistic about the sales of the lithograph for Montserrat and Sir Paul's assistance.

May 2004

Lady Judy updates me on the great struggle against genetically modified crops, and sent me a story from the Daily Mail of "a rare triumph for people power." Note Judy's comment: "Bob, sometimes we are winners."

May 13, 2006

Sir George Martin, "The Fifth Beatle," returns to 21st Century Radio for another world exclusive on his new book Summer of Love

August 28, 2006

Sir George's updates: He's reading my book, Founding Fathers, Secret Societies; the Cirque du Soleil "Love" production is a success; they have almost finished the Montserrat Cultural Centre; and "as we know, global warming is virtually upon us at last, perhaps too late, the politicians are waking up."

February 24, 2007

Sir George's Genesis Publication Summer of Love is doing well! He relates his run-in with Neil Aspinal over the publication—Neil was a great source of stress to both Sir George and Lady Judy, and to many others who worked for Apple. George and Judy worked endlessly to equip Montserrat with the best audio and video gear, as described in paragraph four of their letter.

March 4, 2007

Sir George received my Woodstock diecast model bus, which he called a "treasure." George liked die cast models of all kinds and we did our best to supply him and his family with a little joy. Judy, as ever, is happy that we're still "fighting the good fight!"

The good fight was also fought by some of the Beatles and in particular, Sir Paul McCartney. Here's what I said about Sir Paul in the preface of our book, "Inside the Yellow Submarine":

"When Lady Linda and Sir Paul McCartney added their voices to the protest against genetically modified foods, they continued a most laudable pattern of teaching by example with their opinions on vegetarianism and the ethical treatment of animals. By their actions and educational examples on the fundamental issue of food safety and health, Sir Paul and Linda have potentially saved the lives of tens or hundreds of millions of physical bodies."

Never having had the privilege of saying Thank You to Sir Paul — I say it again!

April 17, 2016

Judy emailed back a lovely thank-you note: