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Good Ol' Freda:
Meet The Beatles' Secretary

Dr. Bob attended a special screening in Catonsville at CCBC on October 10, 2015, when Freda Kelly, secretary to The Beatles, was live in appearance and answered questions afterward. She was with them from the beginning (and worked for them longer than they were together as a band!) and now her story is told through film.

In the documentary, "Freda tells her stories for the first time in 50 years. One of few documentaries with the support of the living Beatles and featuring original Beatles music, the film offers an insider perspective on the beloved band that changed the world of music." You can read more online.

Drs. Bob and Zoh have a screen credit as producers on this film for contributing to their Kickstarter campaign right from the start, so this was a great event. Dr. Bob traded autographs with Freda—his signed book Inside the Yellow Submarine for the DVD signed by her!

Photos below. Click thumbnails to enlarge.

Dr. Bob Hieronimus with old City College school chum Brian Constantini, who first alerted him to this event.

Kathy McCabe, producer of "Good Ol' Freda," was a former student at the AUM Esoteric Study Center, and one of Dr. Bob's secretaries in 1972. This means a secretary for Baltimore's AUM went on to befriend a secretary for the Beatles, and the end result is this film!

Dr. Bob autographs a copy of his book, Inside the Yellow Submarine, for Freda Kelly, the original Beatles Fan Club organizer.

Freda Kelly receiving the Yellow Submarine book from Dr. Bob Hieronimus:

Freda Kelly autographing her DVD for Dr. Bob Hieronimus:

Star Freda Kelly, Producer Kathy McCabe, Director/Producer Ryan White, and Producer Jessica Lawson answer the audience questions on stage after the film screening: