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21st Century Radio's Upcoming World Exclusive
on the Great Pyramid

19th-century photo of the Great Pyramid.

Taken by the Compact Reconnaissance Imaging Spectrometer for Mars in 2008, this gorgeous image shows terrain in the Martian Aureum Chaos region. Some shaded areas feature a higher concentration of the mineral pyroxene, which can be used to make geopolymerized rock very hard. Pyroxene is common in basalt. NASA/

From the very beginning of 21st Century Radio in January of 1988 we have focused on the mysterious Great Pyramid in Egypt, why it was built, what is was used for, and especially how it was created. This Spring 2018 we continue a long tradition of interviewing scientists who challenge the traditional authority of Egyptologists as we invite several innovators and old friends in this field. Not only have they succeeded in proving how these megaliths were built, but they are also updating and translating these findings to the future. We are excited to present to our listeners the plans to use these same ancient building technologies to build similar structures for the space stations on the moon and Mars.

Here are just a few of the distinguished scholars who are investigating these revolutionary ideas about the pyramid builders and how we can capitalize on their "magically" innovative ideas. Some of these will be featured on future programs on 21st Century Radio.

Distinguished Professor Dr. Michel Barsoum, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Drexel University, and his team wrote in their first peer-reviewed paper on the topic that the sophistication of the recovered pyramid technology is simply astounding.

"Closeup of selected blocks of Khufu's Great Pyramid. Notice how blocks in these tiers closely correspond to the irregularities of each other." —from Margaret Morris' The Great Pyramid Secret

MIT Professor of Materials Dr. Linn W. Hobbs, with other MIT professors, taught a class on the special technology in 2008, and wrote: "It's good that the students can see a real scientific controversy being addressed in productive ways."

Geophysicist Dr. Edward J. Zeller, a former long-term Director of the Radiation Physics Laboratory of the Space Technology Center, a focal point of Federal Agencies funding, including NASA-sponsored research, at the Universality of Kansas.

Margaret Morris has authored books and published papers on this topic in science and technical journals. She has worked on Egyptian architecture and antiquities since 1984, starting at Barry University's former Institute of Applied Archaeological Sciences. She has co-authored with the award-winning, internationally-recognized scientist Dr. Joseph Davidovits, founder of the chemistry of geopolymerization.