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Opening of Restored Apocalypse Mural
Photo Gallery

Andreina Mijares Cisneros, part of the 2015 restoration crew

John Astin and Dr. Bob in the lecture hall

Laura Finney, Dr. Bob, and John Astin

The crowd in the lecture hall

Dr. Bob at the podium, laughing

Dr. Bob at the podium

Dr. Bob lecturing from the podium

From the slideshow: Dr. Bob and Chester Wickwire at protest

A piece of Dr. Bob's artwork for Chester's Place

Anna Hieronimus, Dr. Zoh, and Elise in front of the Initiate

Ashley Pratt (part of the restoration crew) and Dr. Bob looking at books

Ashley Stafford, Dr. Bob, and Justin Williams (foreman)

Dr. Bob and Anna with Osiris

Bob and Ann Koch hug

Dr. Bob and Bob Grimm

Dr. Bob lectures in the mural room

Dr. Bob and Gerald Ross (MICA)

Dr. Bob shows the Apocalypse Restoration book to Hayden Wayne

Dr. Bob leads a tour of the mural

A tour group in the mural room

Dr. Bob gestures at the Serpent

Dr. Bob, gesturing at the mural

At the Statue of Liberty

In the stairwell

Dr. Bob with cameramen

Dr. Bob points to Isis Temple

Dr. Bob pointing to Black Man

Dr. Bob explaining from the mural guide

Dr. Bob points upward to Taurus

Crowd on mural tour

Dr. Bob points to the Red Flower

Dr. Bob points to ceiling

At the Red Flower

Dr. Bob w/ Susan deMuth, Executive Director of Alumni Relations

Dr. Bob and Justin Williams (part of the restoration team)

At the Pyramid, overhead

Cocktail Reception

Food at the reception

Hayden Wayne and Dr. Bob w/ flower flame

Hayden Wayne, Dr. Zoh, and Dr. Bob at Osiris

Dr. Bob signs a copy of the Apocalypse mural guidebook

Jed Dietz, Director of the MD Film Fest, at Osiris

The merch table

Merchandise, also available online

Phyllis Berger at Osiris

Rebecca Hoffberger (Founder, AVAM) and Dr. Bob at Osiris

Dr. Bob with Rebecca Hoffberger

Vicki and Dr. Zoh

Zach, Dr. Bob, and Trudy

Dr. Bob, Zach, and Trudy, at Osiris

Dr. Zoh and Dr. Bob at the Purple Flower

Dr. Zoh and Dr. Bob

Dr. Zoh and Dr. Bob at the Statue of Liberty