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Bravo to Senator Barbara Mikulski!
Another Letter to the Editor of the Baltimore Sun that they chose not to print.

by Dr. Bob Hieronimus, Ph.D.

Senator Barbara Mikulski and Dr. Bob Hieronimus in 2010 at the Petit Louis Bistro in Roland Park where she is congratulating him on the recent feature story about Dr. Bob in Baltimore Magazine.

Leave it to one of America's greatest Senators to not only give our President a victory on the Iran deal, but our planet a chance to survive for a least another 10 years. Bravo, Senator Barbara Mikulski! Several years ago, the Sun printed my letter suggesting Mikulski for Vice President, and today I wish she were running for President.

In our ever-disintegrating patriarchal world, Senator Mikulski represents the essence of the philosophy of partnership. She is the role model for why we need more women in positions of power, but just as important, why we need leaders who are strong enough to embrace their so-called feminine powers. We need partnership in all things, but especially in politics. Ensuring both women and men are in the positions to make the important decisions in our government will eventually erode the hierarchical, top-down, black/white, either/or approach. Female power celebrates diversity, individuality, creativity and partnership. Senator Mikulski represents that and so more more.

"The world will be saved by Western Women," says the Dalai Lama, and Senator Mikulski is one of the best examples of service-oriented leadership, not driven by corporate greed, but balanced between nurturing and strength. She is a legend, and we're so very fortunate she has represented Maryland for so many decades. Prophets are seldom, if ever, recognized in their hometowns.

Among her many accomplishments is her continued emphasis on right human relations. If the coming great climatic changes don't put the final touches on our ability to recover the balance in nature caused by corporate greed, she has just bought us a little more time to put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

It's unfortunate that (so far) she’s not running for President or Vice President. We need balanced women like her in the highest seats of our government if America is to have any hope of leading the way into a new energy future.

Thank you, Senator Mikulski for being a truly great leader.

Bob Hieronimus, Ph.D.
Owings Mills, MD