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Was It Really 50 Years Ago Today...?

These are the test paintings originally conceived by Heinz Edelmann when he was auditioning for the job of designing the Yellow Submarine film. When the animators at TVC of London opened them in their offices, there was a gasp as everyone immediately knew they had found the style they were looking for. Edelmann was hired and later became known as the Father of Yellow Submarine Art.

Hieronimus & Co. are proud to announce the return of the Yellow Submarine in 2018!

July 17, 2018 will be the 50th anniversary of the London premiere of the iconoclastic film, The Beatles: Yellow Submarine, and all our friends are coming on board for the party! Help us to help you to celebrate "All Together Now!"

Starting in January we will begin the countdown with random trivia question contests with real live prizes! Sign up now for alerts so you can get a jump on winning, and qualify for discounts on the new book.

Our goal is to publish by July 2018 a volume two of our internationally acclaimed book Inside the Yellow Submarine: The Making of the Beatles Animated Classic, published by Krause in 2002. This 430-page book is recognized worldwide as being "Perfect. Anything you ever wondered about how it was done is answered in this superb book. It's no wonder George Martin wrote the introduction for it. Unbelievable! Buy it, it belongs in your collection." —The Netherlands Beatles Unlimited Magazine

Volume 2 of this "indispensible" book will include interviews with other essential co-creators of this film whom we discovered only after the first volume was published. Their memories of numerous hijinks on the set will be worth the price of the book itself. We will also include new information gathered on the principle co-creators such as Art Director Heinz Edelmann, Music Director Sir George Martin and the two Directors of Animation Bob Balser and Jack Stokes — all of whom have moved into the world spirit and are sorely missed.

Some of the prizes we will be offering to you for answering the Yellow Sub trivia contests include collectibles like Yellow Sub wristwatches, Corgi Yellow Submarine diecast model toys, Yellow Sub coffee cups, entire sets of Yellow Sub trading collector cards, actual autographs of the co-creators of this film on Yellow Sub stationary, autographed copies of our book and Yellow Submarine Journal, and much more.

"I think what you have done is quite remarkable. It is an amazing essay on the development of a cultural icon and makes a fascinating story." —Beatles Producer, Sir George Martin (who did indeed write the introduction)