UPDATES!!! ON Dr. Bob Hieronimus’ TV Appearances

Dr. Bob was especially pleased to be invited to speak at length about the influence of the Native Americans on the founding fathers. Unlike the dozens of U.S. documentaries on which he has been interviewed for History, Discovery, Nat Geo, SyFy, Fox, etc., the interviewers for Der Spiegel seemed to understand the importance of the usually overlooked impact of the Native Americans on Euro-Americans. Representatives from the League of the Iroquois were invited to attend and advise the Continental Congress during their deliberations, and taught Franklin, Jefferson, Madison, and many others the key ingredients for success.


New History Channel series features Dr. Bob Hieronimus

Premiered Sunday the 15th of January at 9 PM Eastern - Repeats 1/21/2012 at 8 PM and 12 AM

Watch the episodes online!

Dr. Bob Hieronimus was interviewed for a two hour special called "America's Book of Secrets: The Monuments" as the introduction to a 10-part series beginning soon thereafter.  He will also be featured in one of the follow up editions of the series in an episode called “America's Book of Secrets: The Freemasons”. Look for the next repeat airing of “America’s Book of Secrets: The Monuments” on “H2” on Saturday 1/21/12 at 8 PM and again overnight at 12 AM Eastern Time.

History 2 (H2) channel can be found on DirecTV at Channel 271; on Dish Network at Channel 121; on Comcast at Channel 116 (in some areas); and on Verizon FiOS at Channel 127. Hope this helps you find it!

See a clip from the show here: www.History.com/shows/americas-book-of-secrets


Dr. Bob Hieronimus interviewed by BBC Persian on the history of Freemasons in the United States and their symbols.

Reverse of the Great Seal of the U.S.Dr. Bob recorded a TV interview on the history of Freemasons in the United States and their symbols with Majid Joneidi, Washington Correspondent for BBC Persian. The interview aired 1/15/12 for audiences in Iran and the rest of the world, and is also posted online. The feature is about the history of Freemasons in the US and refers to their symbols and conspiracy theories such as the pyramid on the reverse of the dollar bill or masonic symbols in the map of Washington DC.

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Posted Nov. 29, 2011
Updated Jan. 16, 2012


Tune In Dr. Bob on SyFy!

Watch the episode online at SyFy Channel as Dr. Bob appears on Episode 6: Holy Grail and gives them a hint where to look next.





SUNDAY, October 25th, 8 PM Dr. Bob on the DISCOVERY CHANNEL

Discovery Channel has rescheduled the premiere of Hunting the Lost Symbol, which features an interview with Dr. Bob Hieronimus, to the 25th of October, 8 PM EST. This program promises a fast-paced tour of Washington DC on the trail of the secret codes and clues introduced in Dan Brown's new book. Many have commented how the themes in Brown's The Lost Symbol were first explored by Dr. Hieronimus in his writings, most recently, The United Symbolism of America


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Dr. Bob interviewed about the truth and fiction about the Illuminati in Dan Brown's new movie "Angels and Demons" on Fox News. Surprisingly, this was a more balanced presentation than the disappointingly hyped Secrets of the Founding Fathers on the History Channel.


DISCOVERY ON FRIDAY - Secret America. A rebroadcast of Hour One followed by the premiere of Hour Two will air on Friday, June 26th at 8 PM and 9 PM on Discovery Channel (repeated later that night: Hour One at 11:00PM and Hour Two at 12:00AM June 27, 2009).
This 2-hour special is based on Dr. Hieronimus’s latest book, UNITED SYMBOLISM OF AMERICA and part one focuses on the Statue of Liberty, the Great Seal, the Society of the Cincinnati, the American Flag, the White House, and the street plan of Washington D.C. The second hour explores Mt. Rushmore, the Washington Monument, the Capitol Building, the Lincoln Memorial, the Liberty Bell, and the Library of Congress. http://dsc.discovery.com/tv-schedules/series.html?paid=1.15780.25790.35826.1 http://www.UnitedSymbolismofAmerica.com

Secrets of the Founding Fathers will air on The History Channel June 29th at 8 PM ET.
Digital Ranch Productions is proud to announce the premiere of SECRETS OF THE FOUNDING FATHERS, a 2-hour special, on The History Channel on Monday, June 29th at 8 PM! Dr. Bob Hieronimus was interviewed extensively for this program that promises to be a well-produced and entertaining piece. History Channel describes it thus: Investigates the history and symbology so prominent in the creation of the United States, and traces the intricate connections of the Founders with Freemasonry, other secret organizations and between each other. How did the trademarks of the highly secretive Masons become integrated into the Great Seal, and on the dollar bill containing the All-Seeing Eye? Did the grid design of the nation's capital--commissioned by George Washington and completed by Pierre L'Enfant--contain occult symbols embraced by the Illuminati in 1776? Did Benjamin Franklin and George Washington deliberately enlist 33 Freemason generals from France to grow the fraternal brotherhood among Masonic nations? Explore the secret (and secretly dark) sides of the men responsible for laying the foundation of the United States.

While we would disagree with the description that implies our Founding Fathers had secretly dark sides, there were certainly more than enough secrets deliberately kept among the Revolutionary generation to keep us descendents guessing for hundreds of years.


FOX ON FRIDAY MAY 15 : Dr. Hieronimus’s interview taped for the Sean Hannity program aired Friday, the 15th of May 2009, timed with the international opening night for Angels and Demons. The Hannity Show airs from 9-10 PM Eastern. Dr. Bob was privileged to pre-screen this new Dan Brown movie earlier this week, and he says he was pleasantly surprised. As expected, of course, almost 100% of what they say about the Illuminati in the film is entirely fabricated, but Hieronimus believes that was a safe way of mixing fiction with fact for entertainment. It's a pretty good action flick after all that. Watch him on Hannity debunking the conspiracy myth that the mysterious Illuminati had any influence in creating the symbols in the Great Seal.


Dr. Bob Hieronimus on Canadian TV : May 5, 2009 Featured as an expert on symbolism in Washington DC, Dr. Hieronimus was seen in a segment called Occult Architecture: Washington DC on the program Supernatural Investigator. Produced by Arcadia TV. http://www.marketwire.com/press-release/Visiontv-942392.html