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United Symbolism of America

Did you know that the 13 stars and stripes are not simply to honor the 13 colonies?

Or why the six-pointed stars on the original American flag were changed to five-pointed stars?

Did you know the CBS eye logo is considered by many to be the eye of the devil watching over us?

Were you aware that the Washington Monument resembles an Egyptian obelisk channeling energy?

America is young, but its symbols are old. Of the symbols and myths we chose since European colonization, the ones that have become American icons are those representing hope, positive growth, and opportunity. Many of the symbols included in The United Symbolism of America have become so familiar that most of us don't give them a second glance, let alone a second thought.

Unfortunately, our patriotic symbols today have become so commonplace that, at best, we associate them with politicians we support. At worst, some believe that all American symbols are evil and Satanic. Hundreds of corporate logos are supposedly linked to this evil conspiracy and proof of its existence. Author Robert R. Hieronimus will help you see the symbolic messages encoded for us by our Founding Fathers in the symbols they chose. Unlike other writers on this topic, Hieronimus includes the historical background and the artistic influences behind the official design of each of these landmarks. In addition, he gives an archetypal interpretation based on the numbers, colors, patterns, and themes, and their usage in societies around the world.

About the Author
Robert Hieronimus, Ph.D., is a historian, visual artist, and radio host. His research has been used by the White House, State Department, published in the Congressional Record, and shared with the late Egyptian President Anwar El-Sadat. He has made a lifetime study of the symbols of secret societies and other American legends, and his 2006 book, Founding Fathers, Secret Societies, was featured repeatedly on the History and National Geographic Channels and on TV shows in Germany and South Africa. His weekly program, 21st Century Radio with Dr. Bob Hieronimus, broadcasts New Paradigm topics across the United States.

Praise for the Book

"Edward Gibbon, author of The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, once wrote that 'History is, indeed, little more than the register of the crimes, follies, and misfortunes of mankind.' We're sure that you'll agree that history is certainly more than just names, facts, and dates after you've read this book!"
More Than Just Names and Dates: History Books That Entertain

“I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Hieronimus, and found him to be a well-informed individual. His book, United Symbolism of America, reflects his persistence and knowledge. I’m glad that we still have people who take the time to present material that require some deep study and concern.”
Willie Nelson, singer, songwriter, and American icon

“United Symbolism of America provides some of the best research ever compiled on the ancient symbols used in our landmarks, logos and emblems. It is a comprehensive review of their original intent and how many view them today.”
Shirley MacLaine, Academy-award winning actress and best-selling author

“Meticulously researched and carefully presented, The United Symbolism of America is the latest example of what readers have come to expect from Bob's work: well-balanced and thought-provoking. In a word, brilliant.”
Graham Hancock, best-selling author of Fingerprints of the Gods

“My good friend and fellow radio host Dr. Bob Hieronimus has written a wonderful book about the symbolism of the United States of America. As he did in his cult classic study on the Yellow Submarine, Dr. Bob has traced the symbols of America that most of us take for granted back to their original sources. In this epic book, which is as much about the nature of symbolism itself as it is about America's symbols, Dr. Bob has debunked the conspiratorial anarchists who see Satanism lurking in every corner. Instead, Dr. Bob has found that America's symbols unite us as a people. In so doing, he has written a fascinating book not only about symbols and symbolism, but about America herself.
George Noory, host of Coast to Coast AM

"...[A] book which every American should read. It is a delight to see.... some of the symbols, which enrich the life of America, stripped of all their cloying invention. It is a further delight to find the impoverished roots of a burgeoning modern anti-American mythology being examined in such a simple and informed way.... When one lies about the archetypes, or undermines their worth - through malevolence or though lack of knowledge - one ensures that they are irrevocably weakened... It really is time for good-thinking Americans to wake up to the threat from within. The threat does not reside in dreamed-up Conspiracies, but in a serious lack of education in moral virtues and in probity. This seems to be one of the underlying themes of Dr. Hieronimus' remarkable and much-needed book."
David Ovason, author of The Secret Symbols of the Dollar Bill and Secret Architecture of Our Nation's Capital

"What a book! I was enthralled by this totally unique journey through the symbols that conceal the hidden truths that our country is founded on. And the thoughtful exploration of the misuse of some of our venerable symbols in modern times is sobering and eye-opening. This is an absolute original, the kind of book that everybody needs to read to truly understand who we are and why the principles on which our country is founded continue to be so vitally important to the future of the human species."
Whitley Strieber, best-selling author and host of "Dreamland"

"I am a devoted follower of Dr. Bob Hieronimus. His book, The United Symbolism of America, is a "must-read"! I have seen these diversified symbols all of my life, and wondered about their meaning, but never took the time to study their background. Reflecting an enormous dedication to the "cause," this is a valuable, informative book with touches of humor. It grabs your attention and holds it through to the final page!"
Bill Mack, "The Satellite Cowboy" on XM Radio and Grammy award-winning songwriter

"United Symbolism of America could not be more timely. It dispels several bizarre conspiracy theories regarding the symbolism reflected in the Great Seal, the Liberty Bell, the Statue of Liberty, and other American icons, revealing the profound wisdom involved in their creation. This book transcends party politics and religious sects; it contains a patriotic message for all people who would defend liberty and uphold freedom."
Stanley Krippner, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center, co-author, Haunted by Combat: Understanding PTSD in War Veterans

"Is our Statue of Liberty actually a monument to the Egyptian goddess, Isis? Does the arcane symbolism of our dollar bill hide a satanic conspiracy or archetypes for freedom? Is our Constitution really indebted to the Iroquois Indians for its existence? I found Dr. Hieronimus' answers to these and many other, provocative questions as shocking as they are insightful and uplifting."
Frank Joseph, editor of Ancient American

"This book is a must read for all those that seek to critically understand the varied and informed meanings of traditional American symbols."
Donald A. Grinde, Jr., Ph.D., chair and Professor of American Studies, SUNY, Buffalo

"Out of many symbols Dr. Hieronimus has found one noble Truth: America was created to enlighten the world. Here is her treasury of lost wisdom."
William Henry, author of "A Nation Under God"

What You Can Do - Make a Difference - Be Prepared

You will notice a number of references in United Symbolism of America to coming weather changes and our aggravation with the current administration for not doing enough to forestall them. Some readers might interpret this as doom and gloom and retain only the negative reaction to this situation. But no, there are plenty of things we can all do to better prepare ourselves (and our planet) for the upcoming shifts, and the more of them you do, the more empowered you will be. The more empowered you are, the less in fear you will live.

We at Hieronimus & Co. have been advising our listeners for over 20 years to store food and water, and to pre-plan an escape route for all members of your family from your home, workplace, and school. One of the great places to start for this kind of practical information is with the Red Cross.

But way beyond preparing your family and home for natural disasters, you also need to prepare yourself spiritually and emotionally. Here are some of the best lists of tips we have found that we recommend.

Twelve "Any Time, Any Place" Survival Tips (v3.2)
By David Sunfellow. Click above for more details on Sunfellow’s practical suggestions such as: Spend time daily praying and meditating; Learn how to receive guidance from within; Strengthen our belief that spiritual forces regularly intercede in the affairs of men and women (especially in times of great need); Make as many good friends as we can; Help others. Lighten their loads and make them happy; Deal with our fears about death and dying; Remember that change, which occasionally includes pain, is what life is all about -- and relax; Study the changes that other times, places and people have passed through -- and our reactions to those changes; Keep open, inquisitive minds, stay informed and don't allow new things to send us off the deep end; Enjoy life and live each day as if it were our last; Keep our bodies strong and healthy; Be physically prepared.

12 Little and Big Things You Can Do
Annie Leonard has produced an excellent 20 minute animated film that appeals to all ages and cleverly explains the challenges that our consumer culture has placed on our planet. Click above for some of her suggestions for what each individual can do to shift us away from this addiction to material goods. As she says: Each of us can promote sustainability and justice at multiple levels: as an individual, as a teacher or parent, a community member, a national citizen, and as a global citizen... the good thing about such an all pervasive problem is that there are so many points of intervention. That means that there are lots and lots of places to plug in, to get involved, and to make a difference. There is no single simple thing to do, because the set of problems we’re addressing just isn’t simple. Everyone can make a difference, but the bigger your action the bigger the difference you’ll make. Here are some ideas:

Join with others! Power down. Stop junk mail. Waste less. Talk to everyone about these issues. Amplify your voice. Detox your home and detox the economy. Unplug from TV and internet and plug into your community. Park your car and walk or bike... and when necessary MARCH! Recycle your trash... and, recycle your elected officials. Buy green, buy fair, buy local, buy used, and most importantly, buy less. Flex your Citizen Muscle!

Here are some more ideas on how to fulfill and expand America's spiritual destiny, as submitted by one of our readers, Carl Landsness:

Mission/Vision/Values for Government
If co-created by "We The People", this could inspire, unite, and empower people like never before.

Offers many ideas to unite and inspire enemies on a shared vision, a higher purpose, a new American Dream... towards Heaven on Earth.

Nonviolent Communication
I've seen this process transmute "impossible" conflicts into win-win harmony... especially when built on spiritual practice.

America's Higher Purpose
Few Americans are aware of the higher (and spiritual) purpose behind the founding of this nation. More info in the attached paper.

Soul of America
A deeper perspective of who we are

Partnership Way
Possibilities for shifting our exhausted dominator paradigm to an energized partnership paradigm

Conscious Evolution
A higher perspective of what's happening

Pilgrimage to America's Birthplaces
To honor, heal, and dream. Such a pilgrimage connected me with the soul of this nation like nothing before... especially meditating at dawn of July 4th on the spot MLK gave "his speech".

Legend of the Peacemaker, Great Law of Peace and Consensus
The foundation for our U.S. Constitution... adapted from the Iroquois Nation. However, the founding fathers left out a few key elements that might merit reconsideration today.

Synchronized Sharing of Song and Visions in all 50 State Capitals
Several such events in our magical state capital... with participants spread throughout the rotunda. We were uplifted for days.

Links to More Info

The links on this page are for researchers who contributed to The United Symbolism of America, or whose research we similarly recommend.

• Chris Hardaker's research on the street plans of Washington, DC is discussed in the Washington, DC chapter. Read his paper on the "The Hexagon, the Solstice and the Kiva" and more about his Native American geometry at his website.
• Charles Westbrook's research on the street plans of Washington, DC is discussed in the Washington, DC chapter. He has a novel coming soon called The Kabalyon Key.
• Rick Campbell has an extensive website on his manuscript called "From Pentagram to Pyramids: Masonic and Kabbalistic Symbols in the Washington, D.C. Map."
• Akram Elias is a 33º Freemason who has authored numerous articles on Freemasonry and is a world speaker on the topic of “Freemasonry and the American Great Experiment.” His website describes unique visits to historic Washington, DC and explain the underlying symbolism in the architecture and design of the city.
• Tour guide and author Anthony Browder sees a great source for black pride in the Founding Fathers’ penchant for Egyptian symbolism. His website details the sites you'll see on his bus tour of the nation's capitol that evoke ancient Egypt with theIKG Cultural Resource Center.
Benjamin Banneker Memorial Website - Where our black Founding Father is honored.

• Anti-Masonic Claims Refuted. Grand Lodge of British Columbia and Yukon Website. freemasonry.bcy.ca/anti-masonry/index.html
• The Supreme Council Ancient and Accepted Scottish Right, Southern Jurisdiction, USA http://www.srmason-sj.org
• Lists of famous Freemasons. http://www.masonicinfo.com/famous1.htm

• USHistory.org's Betsy Ross Homepage Resources: Affidavits of her descendents and how to clip a five pointed star in one clip. www.ushistory.org/betsy/flagaffs.html / www.ushistory.org/betsy/flagstar.html
• Vexilologist Dave Martucci's terrific site on all kinds of flags. http://www.vexman.net
• The Flag House and Star Spangled Banner Museum in Baltimore http://www.flaghouse.org
• Ft. McHenry National Park and Monument to the War of 1812 and the Star Spangled Banner http://www.nps.gov/fomc

• John MacArthur's brilliant site all about the Great Seal based on the factual, documented history from the State Department publication, The Eagle and the Shield by Patterson and Dougall. http://www.GreatSeal.com
• The State Department opened a traveling exhibit about the history of America's Great Seal in honor of its 225th anniversary. They decided it was time to officially put to rest some of the conspiracy theories abounding about this powerful, positive symbol. http://diplomacy.state.gov/exhibitions/100911.htm

• Blanton, Thomas, Ed. “The CIA’s Family Jewels: Agency Violated Charter for 25 Years, Wiretapped Journalists and Dissidents.” Edited by Thomas Blanton. The National Security Archive, George Washington University Website.
“Social Cohesion and the Bohemian Grove: The Power Elite at Summer Camp” by G. William Domhoff. Who Rules America Website.
• Site for journalist and conspiracy researcher Jim Marrs.
• George H.W. Bush is realigning the cherished balance of power through his abuse of the veto and the signing statement. “Presidential Signing Statements.” The American Presidency Project Website.
“Presidential Signing Statements.” Congresspedia Website.
“Bush on the Constitution: ‘It’s Just a Goddamned Piece of Paper’.” by Doug Thomson. Capitol Hill Blue’s The Rant Website.

Willie Nelson Peace Research Institute believes in the Promise of Peace on Earth in Our Lifetime as the Birthright of Our Global Human Family. Find out how people around the world are interpreting his freely-gifted song, "A Peaceful Solution," and spreading the standard of peace through music.
Peace as a Patriotic Principle, very well presented by John MacArthur's GreatSeal.com website. The principal designer of the Great Seal, Charles Thomson said the olive branch symbolizes "the power of peace." Since ancient times, holding out an an olive branch has signaled peaceful intentions.

Ancient American Magazine: Exploring Archaeology of the Americas Before Columbus
Exemplar of Liberty: Native America and the Evolution of Democracy by Dr. Donald Grinde and Dr. Bruce Johansen - One of the best books detailing the influence of the Native Americans on the Founding Fathers is available free online.
Forgotten Founders: Benjamin Franklin, the Iroquois and the Rationale for the American Revolution by Dr. Bruce Johansen - another of the best books detailing the influence of the Native Americans on the Founding Fathers is available free online.

Rosemary Clark's site on Egyptian science, spirit, and magic. Ancient legends and cosmogonies equipped the living with the wisdom and skills needed to understand their environment and live in harmony with it.
William Henry has produced numerous beautiful films, many of which are related to the secret stream of esoteric wisdom that influenced the founding of America. He invites you on a quest to reveal the lost codes and symbols that will provide keys to unlock the amazing power within you.

Thomas Jefferson's Monticello: Explore the house, gardens, and plantation of Monticello, the mountaintop home of Thomas Jefferson, third president of the United States and author of the Declaration of Independence...
The Winterthur Museum and Country Estate in Delaware is the former home of Henry Francis du Pont (1880-1969), an avid antiques collector and horticulturist. In the early 20th century, H. F. du Pont and his father, Henry Algernon du Pont, designed Winterthur in the spirit of 18th- and 19th-century European country houses. A visit to Winterthur will immerse you in another time and place. Rediscover America's heritage through its unparalleled collections of antiques and Americana.
Benjamin Banneker Historical Park and Museum Inc, Baltimore, Maryland where you can learn about America's African-American Founding Father. A free black man, Banneker was a self-taught genius astronomer and surveyor and was hired by George Washington and Thomas Jefferson to assist the survey and layout of the new nation's capital, the District of Columbia.

Official site for the national monument, Lady Liberty, or "Liberty Enlightening the World."

Official site for the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall.
• Percussionist Mickey Hart, formerly of the Grateful Dead, writes about the Liberty Bell. “The Other Ones: Trip Diary, Philadelphia, PA – November 24, 2002.”

The American Visionary Arts Museum in Baltimore, celebrating their current show "All Faiths Beautiful." Visionary art as defined for the purposes of the American Visionary Art Museum refers to art produced by self-taught individuals, usually without formal training, whose works arise from an innate personal vision that revels foremost in the creative act itself." In short, visionary art begins by listening to the inner voices of the soul, and often may not even be thought of as 'art' by its creator. "One of the most fantastic museums anywhere in America." -- CNN
Bill Mack, veteran radio broadcaster, member of the Country Music DJ Hall of Fame, "The Satellite Cowboy" on XM Radio and Grammy award-winning songwriter. Bill Mack has been the friendly companion of truckers and millions of other listeners via his radio programs since 1969, broadcasting during the wee hours of the morning and keeping the world company with his music and chit-chat. He has been featured in more publications and won more awards than any other country music DJ in the world.
• Stay up to date with beloved music and entertainment icon, and social justice advocate, Willie Nelson. Tap into the Tao of Willie.

Images from the Book