One People, One Planet, HON!


1969, colored pencil and pen and ink, 23” x 29”

This drawing was originally created for a group exhibition theme of Shalom at the Jewish Community Center in Baltimore in 1969. “Shalom” is Hebrew for peace. In order to have peace in the outer, physical world, we are taught to first find peace within ourselves. Inner peace can be achieved through meditation, prayer, and selfless service.

The story in this piece takes place at the Great Pyramid of Gizeh, which according to esoteric tradition, was not just a tomb for a vainglorious pharaoh, but was, more importantly, an initiation chamber of the Egyptian Mystery School where self-actualizing rituals were performed. The candidate was placed within the coffer inside the King’s Chamber for three days, during which he traveled into the spiritual dimensions out of his body. He would undergo certain tests to learn who he was and why he was here on planet earth – his purpose in life. After the ritual, the candidate would return to his body, set his life in order according to what he learned, and then the final, crucial step: perform selfless service to others in need.

The drama unfolding in this scene starts with Aquarius (green, top center), symbolizing brotherhood/sisterhood, pouring spiritual energies or vibrations from an urn. The vibrations from Aquarius are being poured through the caduceus held by Mercury (blue in center) and thus activating the healing energies of the mind. The vibrations are then caught by a being holding a powerful symbol. It is the six-pointed star with a circle and a dot in the center. This symbol is known as the hex-alpha, and stands for the God or divine spark found in each and every human.

Altogether there are seven beings involved in this ritual. In any initiation ceremony, there is a certain amount of danger involved in entering the spiritual dimensions, and one must understand how to protect oneself before beginning. Depicting this is the being in the lower right of the drawing (purple). This is Saturn, symbolizing karma, or one’s past and present actions. The candidate’s ethical and moral decisions and actions play an important role in their successful initiation. Between Saturn and Mercury is a being (pink) holding the Ankh, symbolic of the life force. He is directing the energy from his right hand toward Mercury’s healing caduceus. Another winged being on the left (green) is holding a Sistrum, an ancient Egyptian instrument, symbolizing cosmic vibrations. These are also pointing toward Mercury’s wand.

Emanating above these vibrations is a winged being in the upper left (pink with blond hair) carrying a six-pointed star of the macrocosm or God-Man. This symbolizes the birth of a new race of beings, which will be born initiates and are consciously aware of the spiritual sciences. This initiate is a cosmic being who has found peace within and is ready to work for peace without. Above him is a comet, symbolizing change. The comet is headed for the moon, symbolizing feminine consciousness. Our planet is moving toward a change in consciousness, activating the Divine Feminine powers to nurture the worldwide elevation of consciousness.

Shalom is peace, both internal and external. We are gradually becoming aware of the existence of other conscious beings that are assisting us and preparing our planet for its next step when humanity rediscovers its intuitive nature, and the Divine Feminine becomes actively involved in planetary leadership.

“Shalom” is a companion piece to the 1970 “Occult Festival.”