One People, One Planet, HON!


1980, watercolor, 30¼” x 44½”

In this colorscape, with yellow dominating the highest layers, it is related to air, the nature of Mercury, and the ability to be airborne (winged feet). Yellow indicates the intellectual and mental interests leading to equilibrium and balance. Moving into the second levels of orange (red+yellow), combining the nature of Mercury (the mind) and the Sun, indicates a positive energy with attributes of authority and vitality. Vibrations of pink follow, as a combination of white (pure spirit), and red (physical energy). The bottom layers of vibration are red, the element of fire, indicating action, physical energy, courage, strength, and determination – all aspects of Mars. Above the yellow vibrations is the white of the paper. The combined symbolic interpretation could be that as pure spirit, primal light in its highest form, manifests in the physical world, it densifies in layers moving through the mental worlds. Eventually it moves into the physical world of action where it can be readily discerned but where the vibrations are more physical or dense -- thus having less consciousness, but more stability.