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The Secret Life of Lady Liberty

Unlike any other Statue of Liberty book, The Secret Life of Lady Liberty: Goddess in the New World sees the Statue of Liberty as an energizing symbol of hope for this nation. We use the image of Lady Liberty to trace the lesser known histories of influential people like the Native Americans and woman suffragists, and gain insight into our national character by connecting the multiple traditions behind this symbolism. From the Neolithic Earth Mother, to Mary Magdalene, Minerva, and Joan of Arc, they are all here in this examination of the female divine in the Americas, showing that liberty for women around the world is necessary for lasting peace.

As a special bonus to those who purchase autographed copies from our website, we will include a copy of The Apocalypse Mural Guide (details below) for no extra charge! 72 pages, fully illustrated on glossy paper, this book normally sells for $25 alone. It defines dozens of esoteric symbols used by cultures throughout history as depicted in the sprawling mural by Dr. Bob Hieronimus that has been a permanent installation at the Johns Hopkins University since 1969.

Price includes shipping.

Plain or Autographed Copy

Name for Autograph Salutation

Front Cover

The Apocalypse Mural Guide

Newly-restored, Dr. Bob Hieronimus' historic "Apocalypse" mural in Johns Hopkins University's Levering Hall tells a wide-ranging story and brings together symbols from many cultures and times. This full-color guidebook includes detailed images, commentary, and full interpretation of most of the symbolism in this iconic mural. 72 pages, glossy paper. Cost is $25, includes shipping and handling.

Plain or Autographed Copy

Name for Personalized Autograph

Special “We The People” Mural Collectibles For Sale!

Now you can wear the mural and take it home to hang on your walls!

Suitable for framing, “We The People” Mural posters measure 18" x 24" on high-quality glossy stock. Cost is $10 plus $10 for Shipping and Handling.

VERY LIMITED EDITION T-Shirts: Exquisite wrap-around design, wear with pride your love of the American goddess in the “We The People” Mural T-shirt! Cost $40 Plus $5 for Shipping and Handling.

Send checks to Hieronimus & Co., Inc., P.O. Box 648 Owings Mills, MD 21117 USA or email us at info@21stcenturyradio.com for more information.

These charming wooden plaque stands are individually handcrafted by our 80-year-old artisan friend, Lee Jenkins. Now you can take home an affordable memento of one of Dr. Bob’s most famous Artcars! But we warn you: playing with them can be addictive!


$10 each, choose from four different sides. Autographed by the artist!


Learn more about the “Woodstock Bus” here, and more about the “We The People” Artcar here.

Orioles Magic, Make it Happen! With this Collection of O’s Team Card Sets Spanning a Quarter of a Century!

www.21stCenturyRadio.com/Orioles to Order Now!


The early years of my life were lived at 2930 Greenmount Avenue, where we watched the International League Orioles (including Babe Ruth) play from our rooftop overlooking old Oriole Ballpark’s right field at 29th and Greenmount. Decades ago I began to collect multiple Oriole team card sets and gift them to children of all ages.

In our celebration of the 2012 Baltimore Orioles fight for a playoff birth or the American League Pennant, I’m making 15 sets available from my collection, containing Oriole teams of 1987-2012 and will be available on 2 levels: a Basic set and a Deluxe set. All cards in both sets are near mint. Oriole team sets may contain over 40 cards, or as few as one or two, but basic sets often contain more players. For example, in the Basic and Deluxe sets being shown here, the 26 Deluxe Sets contain 396 players and the Basic set contains 477. All sets are unique; no 2 are alike!

The Basic sets cost $250 and the Deluxe sets are $300, plus shipping and handling.




Kabbalistic Teachings of the Female Prophets

The Future of Human Experience explores the future predictions of cutting-edge scientists, spiritual teachers, and other visionaries and reveals how our consciousness affects evolution and Earth’s future. Shares insights from the author’s discussions with Larry Dossey, Dr. Mehmet Oz, Graham Hancock, Raymond Moody, Rupert Sheldrake, Zecharia Sitchin, Gay Bradshaw, Candace Pert, and many others.

Plain or Autographed Copy
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Read more about the book at Inner Traditions International website

United Symbolism of America Kabbalistic Teachings of the Female Prophets

  Buy United Symbolism of America with Paypal!

  Buy Kabbalistic Teachings of the Female Prophets with Paypal!

Plain or Autographed Copy
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Plain or Autographed Copy
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Founding Fathers, Secret Societies Sanctuary of the Divine Presence

Plain or Autographed - Select Bonus Prize

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Plain or Autographed Copy
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Exclusive Great Seal Coffee Mugs!

Custom-made for 21stCenturyRadio.com, deep indigo in color with majestic gold ink depicting the reverse of our nation’s great seal.



Buy The Great Seal Coffe Mug with Paypal!

Posters and Prints - See all posters and prints of Dr. Bob's artwork

Occult Festival, poster prints $300 each

Mayor Schaefer, poster prints $200 each

Hieronimus Artwork Catalogue 2009

by Robert R. Hieronimus, Ph.D. published 2009


A collector's edition full-color, 56-page booklet detailing Dr. Bob's artwork over the last forty years. Each piece featured is reproduced and accompanied with an explanation of Hieronimus's symbolic art.

$12.47 includes postage

  Buy The Hieronimus Artwork Catalogue 2009 with Paypal!

Publications - See publications detail page

America's Secret Destiny: Spiritual Vision and the Founding Of A Nation


Inside the Yellow Submarine: The Making of the Beatles Animated Classic
Your Personal Winning Lottery Numbers How to Pick Your Personal Winning Lottery Numbers
"E Pluribus Unum" A Mural At The Lexington Market, Baltimore Tyson Mural Guide
Bicentennial Mural Guide The Apocalypse Mural Guide
The Two Great Seals Of America: History And Interpretation Ta Meri: Egypt Beloved Land
"Music for Montserrat" Program Guide    



Leon Day and NLBPA Memorabilia Fundraiser

Authenticated Negro Leagues and Leon Day Memorabilia for Sale to Benefit Geraldine Day, the Widow of Hall of Famer Leon Day
100% profits from all sales of these Negro Leagues items will go to benefit Geraldine Day, widow of Negro League star pitcher and Hall of Famer Leon Day, who passed away only six days after his election to the Hall of Fame in 1995.

  Leon Day (HOF '95) throws out the first pitch at Oriole Park at Camden Yards in 1993 at a special "Leon Day Day"


A sheet of twenty (real and usable) U.S. Postage Stamps featuring the Woodstock Bus. Three different views of the bus are available in each denomination.


drivers side

Sorry Sold Out!

passenger side rear

There are three denominations available: 59¢, 41¢ AND 39¢. EXTREMELY LOW quantites of 41¢ AND 39¢ left!

Sheet of 59˘
Sheet of 41˘
Sheet of 39˘

Great Seal Medallions

Expertly crafted and beautifully packaged, these Great Seal Medallions are available only at gift shops in our nation's capital, as far as we know. We bought a dozen of them last time we were at the Jefferson Memorial so we could make them available to you across the country with the ease of an online purchase. Cost: $25.00 plus $2.99 shipping within the U.S. Email for additional fees for international shipping.


Peace Medal

Limited edition and custom made. Pin one on your jacket with pride and harken back to the 1960 when flowers were plugged into rifles and medals were awarded for peace victories. Cost: $25.00 plus $2.99 shipping within the U.S. Email for additional fees for international shipping.

Amazon.comClick here for an A-Z list of the books we've reviewed on our radio shows, available for purchase through Amazon.com. Please order all your books from Amazon through our website so we can earn a small referral fee from their associates program. Thanks!


Publications List
Click above for the complete list and descriptions of available publications for sale. Titles include: Inside the Yellow Submarine, America's Secret Destiny, The Two Great Seals of America and much more!.

Prices range from $5.50-$29.50!!

Since 1995, the Hieronimus and Company Journal offered a summary of the work of Dr. Bob and Zohara Hieronimus' experiences as radio hosts, artists and authors. At this time that information can now be found on their websites:
www.21stCenturyRadio.com and www.ZoharaOnline.com.

For those who subscribed and have not yet received their five numbered volumes over the years, please contact us at radio@21stCenturyRadio.com for a pro-rated refund based on the number of copies you have already received. Thanks for your interest in the work of Hieronimus and Company!



21st Century Radio CD's

Want to hear a show with crystal clear CD audio quality instead of internet streaming quality or cassette? Available shows on CD for 21st Century Radio:
All of 2004-Present
Click Here to buy CD broadcasts!


H&Co. Cassettes

Audio Tapes
Almost all Hieronimus and Company broadcasts are available on cassette. Most fit on one or both sides of one 122-minute cassette.

Cassette audio broadcasts only $10.99!

Hieronimus & Co. Illustration Guide

Illustrated Guide to the Tape Archives
(vol. 2 of the 21st Centuryradio Catalogue, 1998-1991).
These books also make valuable reference guides and bibliographies of our earliest programs. 176 pages with fabulous illustrations: The Shroud of Turin, alien alphabets, how to make dowsing rods and more!

Only $5.50 per book!!


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