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The Solar Eclipse and the President:
Headed for a Divorce from the USA

Interview with Rosemary Clark on 21st Century Radio®
with Dr. Zohara Hieronimus, DHL, August 13, 2017

NASA Eclipse Map. Click to enlarge.

Rosemary Clark

Dr. Zohara Hieronimus, D.H.L.

Following is a transcript of an interview conducted by Dr. Zohara M. Hieronimus D.H.L. and world-renowned astrologer Rosemary Clark on 21st Century Radio® on August 13, 2017. Clark addresses the larger astrological influences affecting the 45th President, with a particular emphasis on the solar eclipse that took place on August 21, 2017. She also addressed the hate rally of white supremacists described as "Unite the Right" under the pretense of opposing the removal of a Confederate statue of Robert E. Lee that took place on August 12, 2017 in Charlottesville, Virginia where Clark lives. That day ended in the death of three people and the injury of many that went unreported as a result of the violence perpetrated by gun-toting, club-swinging white supremacists. Their chants of anti-Semitism, racism, and threats of a neo-Nazi / KKK uprising in America were not emphatically decried by the President, but instead they were given a powerful boost by his efforts to blame a few counter-protestors for resisting the intentional violence used by the white nationalists -- whom Trump endorsed by his failure to emphatically condemn.

As Dr. Hieronimus writes, "Despots love violence and chaos. Many mental health professionals believe our president suffers from malignant narcissism, which despots and dictators in general exhibit. Malignant narcissists actually thrive on the pain and diminishment of others. Doing harm to other people, their lives or reputations, is how they derive their sense of inner power and pleasure. They believe they are exempt from all laws. They always blame others for their own misdeeds. They cloak their hideous lack of an ethical barometer by trying to soothe wounds after they have inflicted them. We can see this behavior in most of Trump's tweets and actions. Malignant narcissism is an untreatable mental disease. The 25th Amendment to our constitution provides a remedy to remove such a mentally unfit president."

During our interview, Rosemary Clark astrologically considered the date of September 10, 2017 as the beginning of a formal divorce between the Trump Presidency and the United States of America. As we all know from life, deciding on divorce and actually having full and final separation can take a great deal of time. However, because the selection of this the date is based on astrological realities, and a comparison of many charts and influences, we are hopeful we will see such proceedings beginning to manifest at this time. Removing this most unfit and dangerous man from the White House is instrumental to protecting our nation and the world.

— — —

DR. ZOHARA HIERONIMUS: Welcome to 21st Century Radio. Rosemary Clark, our guest this hour, is a practicing astrologer who for several decades has been helping others learn what it means to be who they are based in astrology. She is the founder and has run for several decades Astrologic, a counseling service in Charlottesville, Virginia. In addition to her work in teaching and consulting, Rosemary's special study of ancient Egypt's sacred science has led to many accomplishments in the distinctive field of archaeoastronomy. Her work to date has been published in two volumes, The Sacred Tradition in Ancient Egypt: The Esoteric Wisdom Revealed and The Sacred Magic of Ancient Egypt: The Spiritual Practice Restored. Both are published by Llewellyn Worldwide and have been translated into Russian, Bulgarian, and Czechoslovakian. A current work in progress, "Sacred Oracle," will disclose a previously unknown system of ancient divination that offers profound insight and guidance for seekers today. As Rosemary says, Astrology is a sacred science, it was not intended to stereotype us with sun signs. It is rather a wise system of understanding our relationship to the universe. And in this way we can gather meaning and purpose in our lives. She has monthly updates on cosmic events and you can find them on her website which is linked to ours at 21stCenturyRadio.com.

And since last year's national election, like every good astrologer we know, Rosemary has been closely watching the celestial currents, how they are affecting our culture and values. And today she will share with us what she sees as the most significant of these currents in an upcoming, well-publicized, formidable American eclipse.

Thank you so much for joining us, Rosemary.

ROSEMARY CLARK: Thank you for this opportunity to speak at this very eventful time. The upcoming eclipse, as well as what events are taking place right here in my hometown of Charlottesville, Virginia, certainly presage things that are brewing and going to be coming to fruition very soon. Politically, geographically, and for everyone in our country, even internationally, there's going to be some effect, some influence that we hope is going to have constructive ends eventually.

H: Amen, amen to that. So, let's talk a little bit about, you know, the media has said that this will be the single largest celestial event to cause a mass exodus in the United States. I point out 'in the USA', because millions go to holy lands and shrines, Mecca or the Ganges or somewhere else annually. But why is this so important and what is it that draws humans to go, "oh my God, I've got to travel a thousand miles to go see this eclipse."

C: Well, this is the first eclipse that is going to be visible in the continental U.S. since 1918. So, the total darkness of the eclipse, where the face of the sun is going to be obscured completely for a period of 2 minutes and 47 seconds. It doesn't seem like much, but we astrologers view this as having a very long term effect.

H: And then an astrologer would say what about this particular eclipse and then eclipses in general that's useful to our audience?

C: Well, let's talk about eclipses in general. Each year we have two solar eclipses, two lunar eclipses, and in certain years there may be three of each depending on how our calendar is going to be moving forward. And with the solar eclipse, you have a new moon, the sun and moon are in the same place in the sky. However, they are both horizontally and vertically in the same place. Hence, a shadow is going to fall on the Earth at some point because the face of the sun is obscured by the moon.

At a lunar eclipse, we have the sun and the moon opposite each other with the Earth in between and so the Earth creates a shadow on the moon's face. It's kind of spooky to see because sometimes due to the atmosphere the face of the moon will turn blood red or it will turn very gray. And there's been some sort of prognostications about what that means.

But for centuries the solar eclipse has always brought fear into every culture, every place because it's the darkening of the light in the middle of the day where it's visible and the mythology is that demons are swallowing up the sun and that dark forces are coming out in the middle of the day when they're usually in their caves or under their rocks and safely put away. So, we in general know however, astrologically looking at the eclipses and the times and the places where they occur and where they're visible, that heads of state are very often affected and certain cycles of disease, like the 1918 flu epidemic, wars when also in 1918 the Czar and his family were assassinated in Russia. These sorts of things set into motion great changes.

H: That was the Romanov family you were talking about?

C: Yes.

H: It's interesting because I just want to add this before Mr. DT got into office, I had a vision that he was Alexei, the youngest son of the Romanov empire and that he is a reincarnation of Alexei and that he really believes himself to be a Russian emperor and wants the world to treat him in that way. And when you look at his sort of malignant narcissism it really looks just like that. I was so shocked because I knew nothing about this guy before he ran for office and didn't pay a whole lot of attention until he got in and then was shocked like lots of folks.

C: I find that very interesting though because my feeling is that the Trump family are the reincarnation of the Borgias and that Donald is Rodrigo, Pope Alexander VI. Donald Jr. is Giovanni, Eric is Cesare, and of course, Ivanka is Lucrezia. [Rosemary explained after the show that she said this in jest.]

H: Either way these are great dramas. But these are archetypes and that's what is so interesting about this particular constellation of people.

C: They are an archetypal family of alleged crime, of great fear politically, and of course we're going to associate those images with living people who bring out the same sorts of emotions and thoughts.

H: And astrologically you look at their charts, you see these patterns in despots, et cetera. I remember talking with Joyce Levine earlier this year and she was talking about the President's Mars running across the Balkans and North Korea this summer and that's not a good thing. And it also hits the ascendant of the United States' astrological chart. But coming back to the eclipse and then we'll definitely leave time for all this because your experience in Charlottesville right now and your experience as a world-class astrologer gives you a perspective that will be very useful to our listeners.

But I want to come back to the eclipse so we can really do that first and then we'll move into body politic in Charlottesville.

C: Certainly.

1918 Solar eclipse painting by Howard Russell Butler

H: So, this eclipse going back to 1918 is when it last happened. I've also heard that it's an eclipse that has an18 year cycle, one that Reagan was shot on and that JFK was assassinated and Clinton was impeached. Is this true?

C: Well, the eclipse that I spoke of earlier in 1918 was of a different family. We categorize the eclipses according to their number in the Saros cycles. What we're dealing with this time around is Saros 145, which began January 4th in 1639. Let's look back at what happened there. In the United States on that date was the first government established, in the state of Connecticut, which a lot of historians sort of overlook and that is indeed the first time that a gathering of people in this country made the decision to create a little constitution by which they would live.

From that we have another from this eclipse family in 1927 and in that year there was great changes in aviation, communications, and the first television demonstration.

H: So, these are good things. So far you're listing things that are really to our advantage as a society.

C: Yes, yes. And then in 1945, the same eclipse brought us the atomic bomb, dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

H: Not good.

C: Then, in 1963 the Kennedy assassination, of course. In this same family in 1981, the Reagan assassination attempt. In August of 1999, the Clinton impeachment.

And now, on August 21st, 2017, we have this eclipse occurring in a different place in the sky at the 28th degree of Leo. Why is this significant?

I want to talk about these royal stars because the 28th degree of Leo is where we would find Alpha Leonis, also known as the Heart of the Lion, Cor Leonis. And it's one of the so-called royal stars of Persia, which many other cultures recognized as well. The others were Aldebaran in Taurus, Antares in Scorpio, and Fomalhaut in Pisces. Now, why is this significant? Well, Donald Trump has his ascendant at 29 Leo.

H: Wow, he's a Leo rising. I didn't realize it was so close [to the 'heart of the lion.']

C: I thought it rather interesting that there was a poll that was taken just a couple of months ago where people were queried what animal the president represented to them and it came out unanimously as a lion.

H: Yeah, even without knowing his astrology. It's fascinating.

C: So we have that going on and with Regulus we also have a very unusual event that took place in 2011. For the last 2100, almost 2200 years, the star Regulus was in the last degrees of Leo. But we know that stars move very slowly. In one lifetime, a star will move [very little] and that's it. So, it takes thousands of years for it to traverse a section of the sky. Well, what happened in 2011, in November, was Regulus moved from the constellation of Leo into Virgo. And that is very significant because you're seeing the royal star moving from the royal ruling class of individuals into the class of the workers, of the service to others, which is the sign of Virgo. So, here we have symbolically the idea that the royal star has shifted its focus, its energy into the realm of the working class. And also, let's not forget that Virgo does represent the health of humanity and sanitation and the provision of food and nourishment to the community.

So, we have this shift archetypally into another realm of experience globally for all of the human race. What does that mean for someone who has this star astrologically defined and prominent in their horoscope? For this president that we have now, the star Regulus rising at his birth tells us that he has the potential for royal prerogatives and also the grace that is given to royalty, makes me think of Princess Diana for example, where their touch heals and brings joy and compassion to others. There was this opportunity in this person's lifetime, our current president. Will it shift into the benevolence of Virgo's compassion for the community rather than the hierarchy?

H: Wouldn't it be a beautiful phenomena to take place? It just seems so unlikely but you never know what millions of people praying for the highest good to come through might do.

C: The time is now. The test is now because the eclipse is occurring at 28 degrees of Leo, right on this ascendant and moving into the next day the conjunction with the star Regulus. So, it is going to be on Monday the 21st and Tuesday the 22nd where we will have our sort of final understanding of where the trajectory of this administration under the guardianship, so to speak, of this president is going to be headed. And so, I will leave it to everyone to form their own opinions but frankly it doesn't look good and there's other reasons for that.

H: We're going to take a break and we're going to come back and pick up there. Because from my vantage point, I've used astrology I guess since I first started in the 70s and then my husband was emphatic that I really study and he was right. I'm so grateful for him saying, look, if you study astrology it expands your view of the world and how you can better appreciate things. And so, when I talk to you and other astrologers it's such a joy for me personally. Sometimes I feel we leave the audience a little bit in the astro-language field but we try to make it accessible and I thank you for that Rosemary because you do such a beautiful job of not allowing me to strip us down into astro-language and really you're putting it in such a way that everybody can appreciate that something enormous is happening.

So, when we come back we'll talk about the trajectory you see and the one others see and we'll be right back. Rosemary Clark is our guest.

— — —

H: Welcome back to 21st Century Radio. Rosemary Clark is with us. She's a world-class astrologer and we're talking not only about the eclipse but what it means for our current president and our current world as we know it.

One of the things you said earlier disturbs me and I assume every other listener that this particular eclipse when it happened in 1945 was when the atom bomb was dropped. And you said before the break that the trajectory for Trump, while he has a choice of destiny right now, he can either go the way of a philosopher king, a server, or he'll go the way of a dictator and God knows what else he might do. And you said before the break that trajectory does not look good. Tell us why.

C: In order to delve more deeply into that I want to jump over to the horoscope of the United States of America. When the Continental Congress had the signatures assigned on July 4th, 1776, we had a horoscope cast. And I use what they call the Sibly Horoscope, he [Ebenezer Sibly, 1751-1799] was a Freemason, he was a British friend of Benjamin Franklin. And it's fairly authenticated although there's always among astrologers disagreements saying that we have Gemini rising, it's actually 12 hours later with Sagittarius rising, the opposite sign where we really have a reflection of the American character. Because I think that Sagittarius, the man-horse, pretty much idealizes the West, the American Indian, the freedom and the striving, always philosophically and morally for the best and the ideal.

In this horoscope of 1776, we have a packed seventh house and that means that the way the world looks at us, the way we relate to the world, and those we choose to represent us to the world is reflected. The first planet there is Mars and Mars is at 21 degrees of Gemini. Well, we're always going to be combative, we're always going to be brought into wars, we're going to be fighting with each other, as well as trying to resolve the conflicts around us. And so, this is what Mars in Gemini is representing in our seventh house. And it's very significant because it's the first planet to set on that day and that tells us that there's some martial energies that we're always going to be dealing with and we're going to want a representative that is a president, someone who is able to combat these forces in a constructive way. When we had the election in November, I always do the chart for midnight in Dixville Notch, New Hampshire because they are the one place, the one county in the one state where they are allowed to cast their vote at midnight on November 8th. And since 1960 when they decided to do that they have been accurate in every election as to who is chosen president.

H: How fascinating.

C: And for 2016 there isn't much happening except that the horoscope of the United States has the moon at 27 degrees of Aquarius. At the election in Dixville Notch, the moon was at 20 and moving into 27 degrees of Aquarius. A woman was indicated to be elected. So, judging from their accuracy for the last 50 years, I would say that's a fairly reliable prognostication, looking at it astrologically. Then we have the inauguration and we want to look at an inauguration horoscope with the United States like this: one of my astrology teachers many years ago told me this and it's always proven true, the country is the bride and the president is the groom and the inauguration is the wedding. You want to look at that horoscope and see how is this marriage going to work. Well, we have the United States again, Mars at 21 degrees of Gemini and it's opposed by Saturn, which in any marriage horoscope says this one's not going to last.

And what's interesting is that Saturn goes retrograde, then it goes forward again, so there's three hits, forward, retrograde, forward again. The first hit was January 1st of this year, so even before the marriage took place the horoscope of the U.S. was not conducive to a marriage. The second hit, took place two days ago on August 9th, 2017. And the third concludes the Saturn transit opposing our 7th House Mars, on September 10th, 2017. And this is when the divorce is going to be filed, let's say.

H: Interesting.

C: It's not only interesting but our president's sun is 22 of Gemini and his moon is 21 of Sagittarius. He was born at a full moon. Which accounts for a lot of the volatility and let's say the oversensitivity. But there is also in his horoscope Mars rising on his ascendant of 29 Leo.

H: How interesting they have such similarity.

C: Yes, and so we have the eclipse at 29 in Leo happening next week and with his Mars shooting off and threatening war, we can expect that there is going to be a lot of combat and conflict in the air. Now, I doubt that it is going to be manifest tangibly but the atmosphere around the world is going to be very tense.

So, we have the eclipse right on his rising star and his Mars, which is also not very good for health. And we have the Saturn transit affecting his moon directly, opposing his sun, and right on the U.S. Mars in an opposition. So, we know that these two entities, the United States and the president are going to be in deep and dire conflict.

H: And we already are, it just hasn't surfaced, and the rumblings of it you know. The pathetic, from my vantage point because I'm a registered Libertarian, so people go, well, you like to complain about everybody and I go, I have the right to because I'm libertarian. And I have been so dismayed by the Republicans' willingness to go along with what is completely insane by somebody who is completely unbalanced, who is mentally unfit, and to think that they are willing as human beings who took oaths to the office of service to the citizens of the states and the Constitution of the United States. Not to a king, not to a party, but to the rule of law. That has been the most disheartening of this entire episode for me. Besides knowing we have an unfit president who doesn't belong in public office in any form and for all the obvious reasons, but I have been literally dismayed by these Republicans in general who have decided to go mute while our country is burning.

C: Yes, I think that that is pretty much universal amongst the electorate and citizens here in Charlottesville especially.

H: Let's talk about that because such horrendous things happened there two days ago [with a violent rally of Neo-nazis and white supremicists] and yesterday and today. Talk to us about what is happening from your vantage point as a citizen of Charlottesville.

C: Well, it is has always been very peaceful and progressive in this town. 80% of the town voted democratic in the last election, it's always been a blue dot surrounded by red, but our state has turned rather purple and is predicted to get more blue as time goes on, in the coming months in fact. And we've never had any problems with racism or elitism and divisions among people. It's a very integrated city by the way. And we also have the university, people from all walks of life and from every culture and country around the world. We have physicians and nurses and researchers doing tremendous work living here. And everyone getting along and being very family oriented and again, progressive.

So, the appearance of these conflicts and these divisions are being felt very personally there's a lot of grief going on today after everyone has sort of slowly come out of the shock of yesterday. And there's been a lot of vigils, actually planned now as we speak. In the coming weeks at the university, there is going to be sponsored a lot of talks and organizations bringing people together to cope with and try to understand and prevent these things from happening.

H: And astrologically, can you tell us Rosemary what was going on? I mean I'm sure you know your own town's chart relative to the day, why so eruptive now? Obviously, the eclipse is coming but there's also other cofactors at play here.

C: Well, first of all, it's never the eclipse on the moment or the day or after that its effects begin to take shape. It's always 30 to 45 days before the event and that's because of the moon's influence as she's passing through the signs and making these contacts and building up to the event. So, what is very unusual is that we had two blue moons. If I could give you a little bit of background about this. We had a new moon at 0 degrees of Aquarius on July 23. Then we had a full moon 14 days later on August 7th and that was a lunar eclipse but it was only a partial one, it lasted almost two hours, which gives us, translated astrologically as a two year influence. So, there's this sort of debris floating around with this lunar eclipse that took place last week. Then it follows up 14 days later, next Monday, with the big one, the solar eclipse that lasts 2 minutes and 47 seconds, which translated again astrologically gives us 2 years and 8 months of influence. You can expect the effects building up to next week to be lasting almost 3 years.

H: It's extraordinary, I know some astrologers have said it's interesting you mentioned if the chart between the president and the United States is a marriage chart and the nation is the bride and the president is the groom, and this is not a good marriage chart at all and that it spells divorce on September 10th. It's so interesting to me that when people don't look to astrology, and there are certain world leaders that do have astrologers, and once upon a time most world leaders had astrologers for very good reason, there isn't an appreciation really of what the moon does to us. And when it's eclipsed because the moon has everything to do with our feeling nature and our biorhythms and we're like tidal beings that have forgotten that we are water. So, that it blocks out your feelings and how you feel. Then we have this peculiar Neptune strangeness astrologically which is like the opioid addiction revelation.

C: And speaking of Neptune, for the city of Charlottesville we have Neptune at 26 degrees of Leo. So the eclipse is hitting that right now. Neptune is in the fifth house of parks and educational institutions, so we had the event at our university where there was the torch parade that was very threatening and then the chaos and the disorder and the deaths that took place in the park. So, the place pointed to us accurately here in this horoscope. And the eclipse falling on Neptune tells us that it was deceptive forces, forces of disillusionment and decay that entered into the picture, and this whole business of free speech was certainly just a cover for what was intended. And that was to create chaos. Because this was one of the more progressive cities in the country and this is a place where it would hurt the most, as I'm sure that was calculated.

H: Yes and I'm so grateful for you being an eyewitness there for us in this moment. In the old days when I was a daily broadcaster and cell phones came online, oh my God did it change my life in being able to cover things because real live witnesses, not TV paid shills, were able to report what was happening. And the notion that free speech was behind this, as you pointed out, is ridiculous because it had little to do with free speech and everything to do with agitation and violence and we know who precipitated it and why.

But this Neptune thing interests me because it's Neptune in Pisces, is that where we are?

C: Yes, that's where we are now.

H: Right, so Neptune and Pisces can either make us unconscious and unaware of what we're feeling because Pisces is the fish in the water and our feet anatomically. Or it can also bring out, as you pointed out, an opportunity of seeing and spirituality developing and kind of coming into a knowing of our inner purpose. And so, as you pointed out earlier and I thank you so much Rosemary for your clarity with all these cycles and the chart of Mr. Trump and everybody else, is that these things have a pattern that is visible and predictable. And it's not soothsaying and it's not even prophecy.

It's literally looking at the patterns of energetics that affect all of us in some way whether we are conscious or unconscious of it. And that's the beauty of astrology.

C: With regard to Neptune and its transit currently in the sign of Pisces, that's where you have the division here because there's a northern fish in the constellation which is idealistic and faith oriented. And then you have the southern fish which represents reason. There is always going to be this dichotomy, faith and reason, going on where you have Piscean conditions at work. And we are, of course, in the throes of the end of the Piscean age where these divisions are much more acute. Where we're looking at these, hopefully with some objectivity and understanding, where each has its role, and where we do have to divide faith and reason. And with regard to current events in Charlottesville, I've lived here now seventeen years and we have African-Americans and as I said before people from every culture and country around the world all living in harmony, and none of them wanted this, none of them had expected this, and friends and neighbors of all stripes that we know are recovering from this shock. But it has served to unite us and that's where the faith and the reason can work together.

H: What haven't we touched on Rosemary that you think is important? Both about this upcoming eclipse on August 21st, 2017, as well as what is going on with the current administration and our president and his chart relative, as you pointed out, to marriage and divorce on September 10th, 2017.

C: Well, you briefly mentioned your concern and annoyance with the Republican Party and I think one of the reasons that we can't really put our finger on what's going on is because the Republican Party has three horoscopes. They're all set for 1854 and they all have Libra rising but they're all for different dates according to different parties and different organizations. So, who knows where the Republicans are going to be going through all these current events. But because each of these charts, the three of them we have, all have Libra rising we can bet that they're just going to sit on the fence, I'm sorry to say, and not do much of anything.

H: Yes, Librans can't stand things, folks, to be unbalanced emotionally. So, God forbid they actually stand up for the rule of law. Oh what a novel idea! [Instead Librans most often simply want the status quo to stay in place.]

C: On the other hand the Democratic Party, for which we have a definite date and time is a great Aquarian sun, 28 degrees. So, the eclipse is hitting opposite the Democratic Party sun and they're going to be motivated. Something is going to motivate them, I'm not going to say what, but it's from the enemy's side. And the horoscope of the Democratic Party has the nice nurturing sign of Cancer rising. So, we can expect that they are going to be, even though they may veer off at times, looking out for the welfare of the masses.

H: A Cancer sign folks is somebody who is very nurturing and loving. The mother, it's like the mother of the world. And that's a beautiful place for a person or a Party. It really shows you the difference. The Republicans don't like to make any waves but they sure like to help the oligarchy.

C: And the dark side of Libra is conflict and disagreement.

H: Exactly. And even within itself, which is what we see. And with the Democrats with Cancer rising is why it's always been so socially progressive about including everybody as possible. So fascinating. And what else haven't we touched on that's important for us to understand about this time period?

C: There is a Saturn transit, which always brings about some decay and dissolution as well as Neptune. But this is particularly affecting Donald Trump because Saturn is going over his moon. It's been brushing back and forth since January 1st and opposing his Sun, he's a full moon birth, so Saturn is nailing him, sun and moon. And this is identity and his feelings and, of course with his Mars rising, it's the conflict that he is going to revert to, to try to remedy his inner conflicts. I don't know that it's going to let up, really, because he hasn't developed his good side of Gemini. And the last time Saturn transited Sagittarius, in 1988, George H. Bush was elected and he's a Gemini. And the time before that when Saturn transited Sagittarius was 1959 when John F. Kennedy decided to run for president and he was a Gemini. So, these are the only three presidents we've had that are Gemini: Bush, Kennedy, and now Mr. Trump.

So, we're looking at let's say the dark side of this situation, where we have a character in the highest office of our country who has not passed the test. And with current events, it may be doubtful that he will. Let's hope for the best.

H: Amen.

C: But I also want to mention that if your personal birthday is between August 20th and 22nd of any year, that eclipse is going to affect you and also those born between February 17th and 19th, where you have the opposite sign of Aquarius affected, the 27 and 29 degrees. What to do? Don't react to the unexpected, be calm, maintain your routines as much as possible, and think of yourself as like a cat in the darkness, accustom yourself to what's going on in the dark and the unseen places of your life because they might erupt, don't be surprised, handle them calmly.

H: Yes, the things that are hidden coming to the fore. Which is ultimately good for evolution. And you know as uncomfortable as this time period is, it has invigorated our states, our governors, our attorneys generals, the citizens of each state itself to say, alright, if the federal government is going to behave so wickedly and stupidly, then we'll do our own deal as we should have all along. So, in a certain sense, as a constitutionalist myself, and a Libertarian, it has really invigorated the states and I am ever so grateful for the hidden good that has come with this such a dark package.

And in terms of how these eclipses affect people, you mentioned people for whom it is particularly impactful, but what do you feel if your birthday is not between August 20th and 22nd and February 17th and 19th? The eclipse does what? It brings out what is hidden in us?

C: It is very much dependent on your personal horoscope, but yes, it sort of brings what is dark and hidden out into the light. And so, what you have symbolically is the face of the sun being covered but then the light reappears. So, we have a fresh new view of things. It might be shocking, it might be unexpected. But we have to accept it as the natural course of events that was meant to come about at any rate and so we're going to work with what is revealed.

H: And that's what's so beautiful Rosemary about the work you've shared with us this evening. I want to thank you for taking the time to prepare all this so cogently. It's that the bigger cycle is such a big cycle and to look at these eclipses having hit on the assassination of Kennedy, the attempted assassination of Reagan, and the impeachment of Bill Clinton, et cetera. That these are facts, this is not an opinion, this is based on what happened in these cycles. And as you pointed out, goes so far back in history, you pointed to one in the 1600s when the United States, what date was it?

C: January 4th, 1639. People can look it up, it's the constitution of Connecticut, it is the first formal agreement to gather as a community and to establish laws in this country.

H: And so, what you have shown us is that when things happen in the universe and in our personal lives, it's what we do in response to them that counts. And that's why I love the teachings about concealed good, sometimes the most difficult, the most suffering unfortunately brings out the greatest light. And may there not be any suffering and may the light shine on everybody. And the hearts of all of us open toward unity. That's what I think all of us can pray for.

C: Yes, indeed. The stars show the way if we just pay attention.

H: And so your own business if people are interested, what's the best way to get in touch with you? Because you do counseling and you work at a distance with folks by phone.

C: Well, through my website at www.TempleHarakhte.org I have a page called "soothsayings" and I give my prognostications for the month when there's a new moon and when there's a full moon. And there's information on having your chart interpreted and having forecasts.

H: Well, it's wonderful and I'm going to have to keep in touch with "soothsayings" and to follow go to www.TempleHarakhte.org. And in terms of anything all of us can do for the city of Charlottesville where you live, is there something specific that you feel is useful from us?

C: I think that having seen what happened at the University of Virginia where our students surrounded the statue of Thomas Jefferson and the huge crowds of torch bearing skinheads and KKK white nationalists surrounded them and they stood their ground and they held their hands together, it was such a symbolic image to me that if we unite with each other despite our differences but agree on the one thing, that we're all in this together. That's the best thing you can do in your family and your community.

H: Beautifully said. As I always say, we're either in this, "All of us together or it's all of us together!" Rosemary Clark, thank you again for being with us. Go to 21stCenturyRadio.com.

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Transcription by Joseph Ford.